Thursday, March 12, 2009

Opportunity Knocks and Matt walks right in!

On April 28 Matthew will be flying out of Salt Lake City headed for the Jerusalem Center to study for the Spring/Summer session there. This guy will be learning Hebrew and walking in Old Jerusalem and traveling to Mr. Sinai, Jerico, Amman, Mount Nebo, Jordan, and many other places while studying the Old and New Testament and will be back August 13. They have humanitarian Projects, will walk in Galilee study in the City of David and have a Seder meal in June. On the Shabbat (which is on our Saturdays) they will have Contemplative Time and Contemplative writing also Choir along with Church meetings, one with a Triclnium experience. Sorry I have no clue what that is. They will swim in the Dead Sea and will study the Last Week of Jesus' life in the place He was. And this for a kid who will go on a mission the November after he gets back! Jeffrey and I both wonder what it would be like to be in college again.


Jess said...

Thats sounds so fun, and exciting.

amyandpaul said...

I am so jealouse!!! That sounds so Awesome!