Sunday, March 29, 2009

Product of the 80's

I just read somewhere that if you have an off-set ponytail you are a product of the 80's. Instantly I'm transported back to the little Syracuse home and while visiting there was a big hubbub because Donna was missing. Come to find out she went home with her friend to help her out and visit. Donna comes home with this cute bouncy off-set ponytail and a logical reason for her actions. Since I'm not the mom or in charge I laugh my head off. She really was a darling girl with her mind track set to a logic that didn't always match up with moms.Her generosity is outstanding and that girl can find a sale in her sleep. It was her birthday this month though I can't remember how old she is. She has a sense of style that is unique and changing. Sometimes dramatic and bold, sometimes elegant and graceful. Her styles change and she has a good eye for what the finished product will look like. She always knows what is hip and what was yesterday's news, though she can work with just about any medium and make it work.

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Zack & Shaunna said...

The picture of the merry go round is too funny. My dad looks so different, as do most of the rest of us. I love Donna, I remember as a kid how she would dress us up and I loved it.