Friday, November 25, 2016

8 Pies and all the Trimmings

So the rumor is that Nate and Kelsi made 8 pies for the Thanksgiving feast. Andrew made his usual green bean and French onion dish – with a twist. You will have to ask him for the story. Rachel made the mashed potatoes and Rebekah’s Michael made the turkey and all the trimmings. He practiced ahead of time and everyone raved about dinner. I heard that Michael’s grandmother and grandfather came with an uncle and all had a really good time- even the grandmother with Andrew’s twist. I asked if anyone had taken pictures and the answer was, “Kelsi had your back.” Have I ever mentioned how much I love my daughter-in-laws? They are my reward for having so many boys. It sounds like Thanksgiving in America went really well. I am not even going to explore the idea that it may have been better that we weren’t there. In the Philippines, there is no Thanksgiving. We will share a feast  Monday family home evening with the other missionaries here.   

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