Friday, November 25, 2016

Sister Missionary

Yesterday I walked up the incline to the MTC and went to the front desk to find a missionary sister to bring her to the dental clinic. First time visitors often get lost because we are at the back of the property under the gym beside a huge storeroom. When I found her we walked back to the clinic together and chatted about the meaning of her name and her reason for going on a mission. She told me that she knew her teeth had serious problems and had decided to go on a P-day to get her tooth extracted, “when it starts to hurt.” She was grateful that she could visit a dentist while in the MTC.  I helped out Dr. Stewart and kept smiling and talking through the extraction and filling up of cavities along that side of her mouth. When I walked her back to the MTC she kept saying, “Thank you so much. I’m really grateful that you would do this for me.” Then she gave me a hug and a whispered, “I love you,” as she slipped through the door.
It was nice that it was raining so no one was around to see the tears.

I knew she was really thanking Dr. Stewart for being there for her.


Susan Eames said...

Wow what a beautiful experience.

Don Lore said...

Love you too!