Friday, November 18, 2016

Very Important Person

Jeffrey told me we were invited to see a play at the Buddhist Temple on Sunday night. I said ok thinking how nice it would be to see a performance, but the reality was a little different.
First off people who valet the car met our group and we were escorted past milling groups of people up to the 3rd floor where ladies put a gold ribbon around our necks with a little gold leaf with inscription that we found out later translated to - very important person. Then we were ushered up front to the second row in the middle. The first row had people with gold ribbon around their necks too.
Adams with Elder and Sister Davenport

The performance of “Siddartha” was very professionally done with singing, dancing, acting, the drama, storyline and characters that would have been something Lisa Lambert would have enjoyed watching. I thought it was great. It was the story of a young prince who went through great changes, depths and highs and met challenges until he became enlightened and at peace. He became Buddha. Here is the link if you are interested in his life:
When the lights came up and the actors took their bows the lady Buddhist in charge of the Buddhist temple we were located came up and thanked all those who were instrumental in putting it on. We found that the whole front row were the people who had written, choreographed, put together the music and instrumentality, and were responsible for this group going to Taiwan, Singapore, and other countries. They were the very important people. Then she asked us to come up and take pictures with the cast.
I couldn’t figure out why we were asked to go up on stage. I felt uncomfortable being honoured when I had done absolutely nothing but show up. Jeffrey said, “We are representatives of the church.” So I plastered a smile and went up on stage to have our picture taken with the cast.
Cast of "Siddhartha"

A few days later Elder Cook came to visit this area and he took a tour of our new dental clinic – there is only one in any MTC in the world. As a truly very important person he was very gracious when asked to pose for photos (not me by the way) so I got my picture taken again with a very important person. (sorry no picture yet, I did ask for one)

I think I enjoy being behind the camera and witnessing important people so much more than acting like one.

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Ludlows said...

I love you, you are so humble, yet to many you ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!