Thursday, November 17, 2016

Deseret Mabuhay House

What happens when a baby is born with severe defects? He/she can live quite a miserable life unless “someone” helps him/her out to a more normal or acceptable life.
Luckily, a group of doctors are dedicated to bringing a better life to these children and others. The Mabuhay House is a place that families and people can stay while they are getting treatment – sometimes for months at a time.
Children and families singing with missionaries
The missionaries from the Area, MRC (Mission Recovery Center) and MTC offices go once a week to entertain the children for about an hour.
Sister Peel, The Bishcofts, Sister Hoem
On Wednesday we drove over and when we walked in there were a lot of people. Last time there were about 30, now there are closer to 70. The Bishcofts are a couple that loves to sing and entertain and Sister Crockett used to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Jonah's aunt, Luis, Jonah, Sister Crockett with girl in arms, Sister Peel, The Bishcofts, Sister Hoem, Elder Peel
I'm taking pictures 
 The other missionaries are enthusiastic. They all have come for months and have grown to love these children very much. Each child may have two or three others with them, sometimes a larger family.
My presented a picture of a bad tooth and a good tooth, I said how important it is to take plaque off by brushing everyday. I had Jonah from our office translate it to Tagalog

My part was to talk about brushing your teeth. I encouraged them to brush everyday and explained that I got to see 18 to 20 year olds in our office and was sad about the condition of their teeth. I wanted everyone to brush every day. Sister Crockett led a song, “Brush, brush your teeth, take the plaque away. Brushing teeth is good for you, do it every day”. 

Showing a shy girl the teeth from the dental office with a toothbrush
I felt very bad that we didn’t have enough toothbrushes. If you are ever in doubt that your hygiene kit isn’t being used, don’t worry about it any longer – there are never enough.
This time they sang Christmas Songs

One little boy was very shy and wouldn’t even look at the missionaries a few months ago and now he sings and participates in the songs. One little girl jumps up and sings the familiar songs into the mike along with the missionaries. There are some really wonderful miracles happening here. I noted today there is a Facebook page. Some of the children shown in September are still here.
So nice to be associated with high caliber singers!
Sister Crockett and Sister and Elder Bishcoft

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