Friday, November 11, 2016

Whose mission?

Sister Ashcroft -Temple missionary (now gone back to the temple), LA, Sister Stewart, Sister  Davenport - helps out in emergencies
When I left Utah I really thought this mission was for Jeffrey and that I was along for the ride. It has felt the reverse since the first day I stepped into the dental clinic.
I have been handed ways of being creative every day. At the dental clinic we have different projects to complete and I’ve googled for many answers to excel spreadsheets making formulas so my answers will pop up where I need them. I have earned imaginary “merit badges” for all the basics of keeping patients in the chair and having the office run smoothly. Sister Stewart has different types of projects to hand me after I learned the basics of records, charts, assisting and cleaning. Some days when the power goes out in certain places we have a very exciting time trying to keep the autoclave working and saving documents as the Internet goes in and out.*
Next week I have a 15-minute lesson at the Mabuhay House* I have been assigned to teach. I decided since I work at the dental clinic I’d demonstrate the need to take care of teeth. Traditionally the missionaries come to the house and sing songs that include everybody (Do as I’m doing etc.) and then teach a simple lesson and then leave crafts or papers to color etc. I’m told I can’t proselyte because “it isn’t that kind of place.” I asked what kind of place it was. An LDS doctor saw a need for care given to patients who come a long way to get cleft palates fixed and turned feet operated on, to stay – sometimes for months – while they go to doctor appointments etc.  Sometimes the whole family comes from great distances to stay. The Deseret Mabuhay House is a place that lets them stay, feeds them and on Wednesdays the missionaries couples from the Area entertain the children for an hour. I’m told there can be up to 30 children - but right now there are under 20 children and almost 30 adults. The adults come and sit while the children are being entertained. I’ll let you know how it all works out.
Jeffrey is enjoying his work though it is much different than being a shareholder in a firm where he gets to make the decisions. Luckily this week his boss has returned from his travels and Jeffrey has been given more to do. I am having a great time.
Regardless of the reason we decided to go and for whom it was meant, I know I am where I’m suppose to be and that I have a good purpose for being here.

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Don Lore said...

Linda Ann, I am so proud of you!