Monday, February 20, 2017

Almost feel guilty for eating the chocolate

After a nap today I feel better, but not enough to sweep all the floors and scrub the bathrooms. There was salad in the fridge but the chocolate tasted better. I like Kelsi's idea of a homecation and I'm doing my best to be true to those principles today. Though I never did get undressed from work and my lipsence is still looking good. The bags under my eyes are from mascara not sleep deprivation - though I'm not taking a picture of me to show you.
Speaking of pictures -----
Quezon City is always building something.
Note the building on the right that is not finished at the top. The dark yellow/coral at the bottom of that tower is next to a building in progress. This picture was taken in December
There is a fine layer of concrete dust that settles on everything that isn't dusted weekly.
Note this building going up. The yellow bars are across a street the comes into the mall and has netting to catch anything falling from the building in construction. Sometimes lines of cement trucks take up the whole street and we go around a different way to get in or our of mall.
Even on the street construction or repair of cement is going on. Sidewalks and curbs are chiseled away with hammer and a long nail on a stick and then new cement is mixed and smoothed on. New buildings are going up and old buildings are being changed.
I can't see work being done to finish this building and to me it looks the same as when we moved in. I could be wrong. This is the building above the coral building.
The sign on the side of the new building going up says Mega Mall. Mega Mall is in evidence in many places around here. I can't figure out if each of these building are owned independently or if there is an overall plan and owners that others buy into. I do know that many floors are empty even as the new buildings or going up.  Some businesses have been "coming" for months. I'm curious how it all works.
Some buildings look the same way after many months. Two buildings have been in construction since October and I can't see any workers or evidence of working done at all. Like I say I'm curious of the how and why.

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