Saturday, February 4, 2017


I almost forgot to show you a Chinese New Year treat.
Elder Thueson brought over a Chinese New Year Treat called Tikoy
Elder and Sister Thueson serve in the MRC (Missionary Recovery Centre) and his wife grew up in the Philippines and makes this treat once a year.
Elder Thueson with a pice of Tikoy
The taste reminds me of french toast and is slightly sticky. I found it fun and had a second piece. Actually some of the others in our office liked it too.

It is made from rice that has been cooked until it has no individual grains and then it's formed into a brick with sweetener added. The bricks are sliced off in pieces and dipped in an egg batter then fried up. Not bad at all!
Eating Tikoy
The bricks are sold in stores only at the end of January and first of February like Egg Nog is only sold in the fall in California. The reactions of people trying it for the first time were, "Oh that's good," or "ahh, no thanks."

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