Monday, February 20, 2017

Home Sick Today

My head feels to heavy to keep up, yet when I lay down I can't breathe very well. I really hate head colds.
Watching people is so much more fun.
Mall life has some really interesting things that I don't know the "why" about. For instance in the later part of the day on about the fourth level - I'm guessing, but I know that the 5 level has a walking place that intersects with other apartments in a walking/pool/children's play yard level and this place looks like it is a little below.
This appears to be a place that people rest - employees of some kind?
I am not often here in the early part of the day and have not been able to observe if people are here or not, today I don't see anybody........10:30 and I still don't see anybody.  These photo were taken a few weeks ago during the afternoon.
I think they are sleeping. Not a whole lot of people but some. Why?
No one during the rain squall. This place is higher than the store roofs, lower than the swimming pools. Where does it come off from? Is it part of a company or part of the mall? Who sleeps here?
Ah, maybe I'll go take a nap and get better...........maybe someone will show up later.

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