Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I've Decided that Tomorrow I'll Be All Better

After fitful sleeping, I woke up late with a stiff neck and the usual cold yucky stuff. I decided that this is the last day I'm going to be sick. When I turn my head quickly the world swirls, despite that I'm going to be all better tomorrow.
I just know you want to know more about my fascinating world!
The markets are located just outside of the fields the plants grow in.
We traveled for hours in a van or car and most of these shots are taken out of the window - sorry if they are a tad fuzzy
Lush growth is everywhere. It rains a lot but I don't know if it is like that all the time or if that is just this season.
Beautiful plantations and homes were near Cavite or was this Taytay?
Lots of rolling hills with growing things - speculation in the van went to all extremes - we don't know what is growing there.
I am told the fruit cut up, yellow in the middle is very delicious but smells terrible. The flower nurseries would have Norma, Laura, and Rosanne  salivating - they were so beautiful and lush
These are banana trees, my shots of the bananas were blurry. Most of the bananas are smaller than what we get in California but so much more delicious!
These markets line the streets out of the plantations and farms and probably have all the freshest produce


Don Lore said...

Thank you for the pictures!

Ludlows said...

I hope your are feeling better.