Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jeffrey Told me but Living with it is different

Living near the equator is different than living north of it. Jeffrey did explain how the days would work, but really.......I feel like I'm not getting enough daylight.
Going to work at 5:30 min the morning, the sun is just coming up - this was in October 
5:45 am in February the light is about the same

The Elders often are up at 5:30 am for their 6 am gym time
Around 6 am it is almost light and 6:30 is full light

But working at the bottom of the MTC without windows, how would we know what it looks like?
At 5:45 pm it is sunset and at 6:30 pm it is full dark
Whenever we leave at 5:30 or 5:45 pm it is sunset
It feels odd that the time is not changing, we are not getting longer days. It was just fine to have a slightly longer day when we arrived in October.......but this not getting any longer days in February is.........different.


Don Lore said...

I often feel this way when I get to work before sunrise and return after dark. Also on stormy days with little or no sun. Sometimes I volunteer for any assignment that gets me out in the sun!

LA Adams said...

That is really a great idea Donald. For some reason the sun just makes me feel better.