Friday, February 17, 2017


I like to watch people.
It is really nice when I can watch people, take pictures, speculate and not recognise them if I passed them on the street. Being on the 26th floor lets me do all those things.
The neighbourhoods and mall life around me is endless in its variety and I've taken hundreds of pictures. Why, just because. So I'm going to show you something I noticed over the last two months.

I took a picture (well quite a few actually) out of my east window and noted the repellant coloured water and the interesting neighbors and especially their homes. I didn't notice the life on the river until a few weeks later. I'm not really sure it is a river or what it is, but it winds around the city and has cement walls on both sides.
Taken the last few weeks in December 2016
I didn't notice the farming life on the river for about 2 weeks.  I watched the basketball games and Christmas lights from different areas. I wondered what life was like there.
Early January 2017
One day I noted a farmer busy in and out of the water.
A few days later his 'farm' had grown
Now I always take note if I get home before dark
I wondered how shallow the water was and why these 'vegetables'? grew so fast
Then another day the lines of vegetation were further apart - what?
I asked Ernesto at work about what would be grown in the water. He explained about these vegetables that grow only in the water. He said this man probably sells his vegetables at a market to earn money.
He is a hard worker. I noted the lines when he pulled the rows further apart.
The water color has not changed but my perception of the river has. It can sustain life just like the earth dirt.
I don't know how many seasons  plants grow here - maybe year round
I can tell they grow very quickly- why is he moving them out into the middle of the river?
Pretty cool!
One of these days I'll find this vegetable and take a picture of it up close. As to eating it - well, I can handle the mud coloured water now, but the debris in the water collecting around the vegetables - that is very off-putting. I've eaten many things I never have before - so maybe. But not yet.


Susan Eames said...

I would love to know what kind of veg.

LA Adams said...

I'll have to get my friend to spell it as I don't recognize it in the store.