Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ahead of Time

On Wednesday or Thursday I came into work and noticed a manila folder laying on the desk with a Sharing Time and Singing Time outline. As I read through the ideas and program I felt our Primary really needed this. I asked Sister Stewart if this was for me and she laughed saying no she was planning her week. I loved the detail that was numbered. I told her this would be perfect for our ward and asked her for a copy which she gave me.
On Friday after work I was excited to talk with the Primary President about this cool idea I'd heard about. When I messengered her she let me know she wouldn't be there on Sunday. That threw me for a loop for a few minutes as she hadn't been there the last Sunday either. I'd had a successful Sharing Time the week before but had gone home with a terrible tension headache trying to teach a lesson, listen for the other children getting out of classes and setting up and doing sharing time. After I thought about it for a time, I realized that Heavenly Father already knew of my need ahead of time and that things would work out.
On Saturday I asked for help from two other sisters (Primary president's referral) and on Sunday they came through magnificently.  I thought the children learned something good at sharing time today,  I  could definitely feel the spirit of the Lord. I know He set up the answers to prayer before I even knew I needed to pray.

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This fills my heart!