Sunday, July 16, 2017

Idea or spiritual nudge

A week ago on Sunday I had a really great lesson about how the Holy Ghost worked. The children pasted pictures next to words that explained some of the special aspect of the Holy Ghost's work, another paper told the children what they needed to do to have the Holy Spirit work in their lives. The lesson seem to flow and I wanted it to continue.  I asked them to take the papers home and talk with their parent/s and have it signed and bring it back this week. I told them I would have a treat for them.
When I opened the manual on Tuesday or Wednesday I realized the next lesson was on accountability. So then I wondered if I had a prompting instead of just an idea because a promise connected to an action is exactly how accountability works.
The accountability lesson seem to be working just fine, though not one of the children brought back their paper. I pulled out the slices of banana cake I'd made and told them maybe next time and put it away. We went on to the rest of the lesson with a game of right and wrong decisions and then I sat them down and asked question like who is accountable to teach them and who is accountable to learn lesson taught. But the flow stalled out when telling the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's who buried their weapons of war and then died when a war came. One little boy could not get over the fact that all these people died. Who cares that many other joined the church.  He finally asked if it was a long time ago. Which I was able to reassure him. This is when I need a Tagalog speaker and someone who really knows the children to be there with me because I know I'm missing something. Sometimes all I can do is pray and leave it up to the Lord. He seems to be doing a really great job because I don't think far enough ahead of time to have things work out like He can plan.

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