Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dinning Out with the Canlas Family

We didn't have enough plates and chairs to invite the Bishop's family over so we took them to dinner to get to know them better.
We met at Gateway Mall in Cubio and it was raining and dark. I drove and got pretty close till we got on the phone and found each other then walked over to dinner.  Jeffrey has been Achie's (oldest daughter)  Primary teacher and when I first started teaching in February, Anya (first son) and Chiyo (second daughter) were both in my class. Anya turned eight and moved up a class and now Chiyo and Shoti (youngest son) are in my Primary class. Between Jeffrey and I we have the Bishop's family covered.
Dinner with the Canlas Family
Chiyo - All she wanted was a vanilla shake. Happy out-going and adorable
I had to ask Sister Canlas why the children's nicknames weren't anything like their official names. She explained that what they are called is a Chinese name. Achie means oldest sister, Anya means elder son, Chiyo means younger sister, and Shoti means youngest son. If they had another baby their names could change.
Shoti - one child who can be in two places at once and thinks of more things to do in two minutes than most kids think of in 10.
Anya is the oldest son and is very sweet with a smile and has some kind of condition that doesn't let him communicate much and has a hard time walking. 
Achie is the oldest and is very smart.
Janice Tae Mae and Bishop Canlas
Last picture before we went different ways

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