Saturday, July 22, 2017

Visiting Teaching is where the Magic is

I talked with Rebekah on the phone and was telling her about some of my experiences and  trying to explain mu feelings about the different places I work. I could tell she understood what I was attempting to say when she said, "When you visit inside of their [Filipinos] homes, that's when the magic happens."
I am one of the lucky senior missionaries that actually visits inside of the homes of ward members. Usually it is only the single missionaries who go from house to house as most of the senior missionaries work on projects or take care of situations. So there aren't many who visit inside of homes. I am deeply grateful for the fact that Sister Nida allows me to go with her when she does visiting teaching. We go with Sister Villanueva also, so I am not really needed. Thats ok, I love being an accessory!
I loved the color on a rainy day and asked to take Sister Dalinda's picture. "Sure," she said as she turned away. I started laughing and took her picture.

A rainy afternoon with Sister Nido, Dalinda, me and Sister Villenuava
I love Dalinda's colorful umbrella.
We visited a lady who wasn't home and then went on to Sister Henry's home. She became a member of the church when her son got interested in the LDS church and now he is in Canada serving a mission. 
Sister Villanueva, I, Sister Nido, and Sister Henry
Sister Henry is good friends with Sister Ledesma who is having a difficult pregnancy and has to lay down for the next two months. So it was decided to go with Sister Henry and visit Sister Ledesma. When we got there she already had visitors, so we just added to the mix!
Khittie Domingo is bending down on the left side. She is the first person who I met in this ward. She translated a whole lesson in Relief Society for me the first week we arrived. Sister June Henry is next and is good friends with Sister Ledesma who is laying down to save her baby, I am on the right, Sister Jessie Ann Villanueva is the young one elected to take the large selfie and Sister Nida Nido is tucked right behind her.
Sister Henry and Sister Ledesma - good friends
Mike Ledesma and his son Adam were also there and they quietly absorbed a whole pack of women in their tiny home. At the conclusion of our visit Sister Nido asked Mike to say the prayer. It was a prayer that knocked my socks off with it's message and power.
I owe so much to Sister Nido for shepherding me around on visits when I can't contribute much to the conversation or even get around to homes. I appreciate the fact that she lets me go for the ride. It is hard to describe the deep well of spiritual strength I feel from these sisters. 
A pot of boiling water gives off steam. If this spiritual strength were harnessed like steam engine, there would be an explosion of awesome good works. I watch it in little ways. These women are faithful, creative, compassionate, and hard-working. It has been my deep pleasure to get to know each of them.
To top off a really great afternoon, Sister Nido took us to a small restaurant so I could try a new type of pancit and fish.
The fish looks whole but actually all the bones have been removed and then they fry it up and it is very tasty or masarap.

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