Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is really a fantastic place to visit! I had two days to explore and run around the many wonders of this magical city.
I have Bill Atkin from Salt Lake OGC to thank for this wonderful trip. He asked Jeffrey to take care of a case and I was grateful for the privilege to come along and play tourist while he did his work. We were treated royally with a limousine service to and from the airport. We stayed in a Marriott plush hotel and saw the city from Bird's eye view to sea level.
The church office building is on the left - orange with a gray spire on top. This shot is taken from a walk way. Walk-ways are formed about a story above the streets. I love this free flowing idea so that the pedestrians and cars do not travel on the same pavement. 
Church office building from a different angle.
I went site seeing, out to lunch and then sat in on a self-reliance lesson with a young woman from Manila who is planning how to start her own business while she is earning money as a nanny and housekeeper right now.  That night we took a hike around the Peak.
We found the spot where one of the group who dedicated this area for missionary work in 1947 carved out the date on the rock.
Elder Ferguson and Elder Adams checking out the rock date carving.

One side of the Peak had views of the ocean and greenery everywhere. There are a few homes up there, probably VERY expensive.
Lush and green with ocean views
Going around the corner we came into a beautiful sunset and clear view of the harbors and city.
Millions of people in an amazing place
The Ferguson's treated us to a hilltop dinner and we took taxi back to the hotel. We didn't want to wait an hour and a half or more for the tram down the hill. There are so many options for transportation! Most of the senior missionaries do not have cars. In fact most of the cars are not private individuals that I noticed. There are subways, all different kinds of busses - I loved the double decker bus with a birds eye view as we flew along - also light rail transit,  trams, boats, ships, ferries, limos and taxis. I didn't see any rickshaws or many motorcycles and only one bike. Maybe I was in the wrong end of the island.
Waiting in the 20 minute taxi line versus a hour and a half line for the tram - with Sister and Elder Ferguson
I love Hong Kong, this city should be on everyone's bucket list!

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