Friday, July 28, 2017

Hong Kong day 2

The next wonderful day in Hong Kong started shopping for my Primary kids. I wanted to get them a souvenir like I do for my own kids when I go to an exotic place. In an open air market I found magnets with "I love Hong Kong". Then we rode a double decker bus and had a clear view of skyscraper apartment canyons, harbor views, the lush greenery and mountain sides.
Following Sister Cory through the outdoor mall
View from the top deck of the bus
It was really interesting meeting double decker busses coming around twisty narrow road.
We went to a place called Stanley. I am not sure if it is an area or a little community.  It had all kinds of shops and restaurants, indoor and outdoor and a mansion that had been picked up and put back together there. The builders had some columns left over so they just put them out front. Stanley is on a little tiny bay and lots of fun.

This lady could sell ice to Eskimos so it isn't hard to sell me an outfit that FIT! First time in months anyone had my size!
Part of the bay at Stanley
We had some gorgeous views from the top of the bus front seat of the islands and bays along the way
A swimming beach. I may be a bit skeptical of real sand because most of these coast were straight into the water. I'm wondering if the sand was imported. Regardless, lots of people were having an excellent day!

We drove past Ocean Park which has a valley of amusement rides and animals and then a tram ride over the mountain to the other half of the park with more!  I liked their dragon which can be seen many kilometers away.
On the way back, we passed thousands of skyscraper buildings some very old and some brand new alongside each other. There seems to be an effort to put a little space between buildings, so many people will have a view. Of course some will have only their neighbors windows in front.

A lot of the edges of Hong Kong are re-claimed land. In fact at one time the area the Church Building stands on was the ocean.
That night we had dinner (fabulous) then got on a ferry with Elder and Sister Corey just in time to witness a spectacular sunset.  We walked and talked and enjoyed being with them. 
Waiting for the ferry

The view of the harbor - light show in action
We said goodbye to the Corey's and a great two days!  Thanks Bill Atkin.

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