Friday, July 21, 2017

How to Clean an apartment

There is nothing like having a pro work for you!  I had asked around about hiring a housekeeper because I’ve realized I really don’t know a lot about cleaning in Quezon City. I never seem to get all the black grit out of everything and something is always off after I finish cleaning. So I was recommended to a lady who would clean my house. Her name is Maricar Eugene. She has two children 17 and 21 and lives a little ways away. She is really awesome at her job and knows just how to clean this apartment! I’m not sure how she got the floor looking so good. There seems to be all kinds of tricks to cleaning here. I’m glad I figured out how to get my whites clean, now I’m wondering if I can learn how to really clean a house. More importantly do I want to now that I’ve found Maricar?

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