Sunday, July 30, 2017

Intake Week Again!

The Dental Clinic enjoyed a new batch of missionaries who arrived this week.
Two young women who grew up in the same town and knew each other since they were little found themselves at the MTC together going to the same mission. They did not turn in their papers at the same time but they got called at the same time.
Lifelong friends
Meeting new friends the first day of their mission
The rain added a new challenge keeping the missionaries and their papers dry. Most of the Australians, Americans, Tongans, and Samoans fearlessly stepped out into the rain without concern. The few that came under my care were cautioned about acid rain and the belief that if you went out in the rain you would get sick. Filipinos from the city all feel the rain can make you sick.
Sister Tucker came down to help escort missionaries to their next station so they don't wander around getting lost
She found it very helpful when she found the second umbrella
Sister Maryann Whitehead escorted many missionaries down while Sister Tucker took them back up
Luckily she found a spare umbrella too!
And like all good days at the height of our screening process when the waiting room was filled with missionaries, the supplies arrive.
Waiting room filled with sister. Waves of sisters then waves of Elders
Arriving supplies is always a good thing. The timing well.......Sister Stinchfield checks off the order while Sister Hoem's takes her place writing down information in the screening process
Sister Hoem assisting Dr. Stinchfield

The Stewarts were gone this week, so Sister Stinchfield had her debut as Intake Coordinator. She did a great job downloading the names of the missionaries and making the screening pages that the information from the dentist's are written on. Since she was in charge all of the little details that can and do go wrong end up on her plate. She did a very fine job with the rain adding to the confusion as well as the other distractions.

We are going to just start to know and love these Elders and Sisters and then they will fly off to their own missions and exciting adventures........

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