Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fantasy Spiderman and real Spidermen

I am continually awed at the amazing results that men with low technology and high creativity can achieve. The Area office and MTC compound, along with the Patron House and Temple across the street are constantly in a state of repair, renewal and restoration. I've come to expect construction zones just like the BYU campus. Something is always coming up or going down, being cleaned, built, or restored.
Some amazing men put together pipes for scaffolding and planks to stand on and repair or construct walls pulling cement and supplies up with ropes and pulleys. They nimbly climb up 3 or 4 stories and run down again for another tool. They are the original Spidermen casually spending the day on a thin plank hammering, chipping, smoothing and troweling the walls of the compound.
Three stories up casually walking along a plank of wood set across two poles
I don't know why the old MTC wall needed something, but it is getting a facelift from these creative men with PVC pipe and a sharpened nail and hammer to chisel out the old and bucket of cement brought up with a pulley and laid on with a trowel.
Having watched men chip out cement on the side walk and then painstakingly pick out the right color rocks to cement back in, I'm almost afraid to ask how they get the two different colors on the wall.
There are long poles propping up the scaffolding
Real Spidermen creating functional beauty.

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