Saturday, September 2, 2017

Captivating Countryside

I was taking pictures of the countryside and anything of interest in Cavite province when I noticed that the pictures were easy to take - because Jerry would slow down and even stop when I went to take a picture! Wow. When we got to the town of heroes - Noveleta - I stepped out of the car to take a picture of the historic home of a president and a shower turned on. When I got in the car it stopped. When we went a little further and got out the same thing happened - too funny. So I stayed in the car and took pictures in the rain.

This is our driver Jerry. He wears this Muslim cap in honor of his father on certain days

Rain in the streets

I love the colors all coming together

Evidently many of the heroes who gave freedom to the Philippines gathered here in Noveleta at one time

Presidential house at one time

Mountains of oyster shells - I'll bet many pearls came from here. I asked if the meat was used after taking out the pearls and was told yes it was used. I tried to figure out why there were all these shells in big piles alongside the road - no answer yet.

There were whole neighborhoods of houses built on wooden stilts in the water, low boats were parked along side. The water out to the bay was very shallow but obviously rises up on occasion too. 

Rows of these boats were along side of bamboo "piers". I though how tricky it would be to walk along these poles and get into a boat.

I'm still mystified how the fishing works with  these poles and small nets attached. What are they fishing for? What are the nets for? What is in shallow water? What happens when the water gets lower? On the other side were many acres of these poles and little shacks up on big stilts - are they like the shacks in the rice paddy fields?

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