Friday, September 8, 2017

Micro and Macro missionary service

Jeffrey and I make a really great team on this mission of ours. Jeffrey deals with the Macro and I deal with the Micro. Today he is gone to ....ah Malaysia?....actually he told me, I just know he is off getting another passport stamp in another country dealing with issues that will help the church work more efficiently.  He is working in the Philippines on the divorce issue and has been in meetings with Elder Haynie talking with many religious groups trying to keep religious freedoms available to the general population here. Macro - people in the nation and church here will never know or see his service (or all the many people involved in this great work.)
Pack a bag and take off

I on the other hand get to connect with individuals one on one. Today I am sewing up some burp clothes for a sweet sister in the ward who is having a baby shower. My dealings in Primary and Activity Days are with individual children and making dinners for people is individual too. Those I interact with are very aware of my presence and show me lots of love. Micro - one on one service that is apparent to those I visit.
I got a pattern off of the computer by tracing over the screen on yellow lined legal paper and then cut out the material to sew up the burp clothes:)
Jesus Christ gave macro and micro service . His great redeeming Atonement for all mankind is not understood or known by many. His healing, visiting and talking one on one with those He met or meets is remembered forever.
Life is good and I love being here.

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