Monday, September 11, 2017


I've been thinking tonight about all the women who I have copied while serving this mission. I am not really an original thinker but I can do what I see others do. I sewed up some burp clothes because my sister Sharon Bowman sends them to new mothers. I switched to my left hand like Lisa Lambert when my right arm has arthritis and over-strained tendons. I went out of my way to set a beautiful table and atmosphere so the dinner I prepare will feel like Laura Nausin's. I feel free to serve wherever I like regardless of my current calling like Shawny Ernst. I often try to imagine what my sister Susie Eames would do for an individual if she were here. I stay busy and involved with the social life of the ward like Rosanne Nieto. I wonder sometimes what my grandmothers who went on missions with their husbands did. It's not like I am really alone when I cope with different circumstances. Now I am acquiring a new set of women here to copy. Life is good.

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