Friday, September 1, 2017


Melt my heart. As we pulled into the LDS chapel parking lot in Cavite, I noticed some heads popping up around the edge of the building. The building has two rows with an open air courtyard in the middle. I wondered if it was the grandchildren peeking to see if we were there. Christy Solera came out through the courtyard with the kids bobbing behind. They are very cute and shy.
After saying hello and telling them I went on a trip to California, I gave them each a bag with a present I brought them from California. I told Princess that the extra present was for her 1/2 birthday and asked what kind of treat she wanted me to make for her birthday celebration. Her mom said she loves chocolate chip cookies - I'll make them for Monday so Ernesto can bring them home to her. Christy gave me a long big hug when the men brought in the bags and box from the California Relief Society. I could tell she was a little over-whelmed by the gifts. She said she would share them with her Relief Society.
The children were all wearing the shoes Jonah and I got for them. I found out a few days ago that Jhon Andres' shoes were way too big. He is only a size 28 and I had previously gotten size 30 and 31-they flopped as he walked. We had him try on the new shoes we brought and they fit! He put on the red basketball shoes.
Another big hug for everyone, took some pictures (I told them I was going to send them to their brother), gave hugs and then we left. It was maybe a 15 or 20 minutes and we were back on the road again.
Here are pictures of the grandkids and the family:
Jhon Andre just started school

Princess, she put every bobble I had sent earlier in her hair:)

Jhon Kyle - basketball is his love

Solera Family-brother Jhon Michael on a mission until July 2018
Christy and Ernesto Solera
Willing to let an American into their lives despite their reserve -maybe only because I am a missionary
The grandkids with Jonah my adopted daughter and I, Christy and Ernesto

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