Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Almost un-noticed miracles

Monday morning we travel through virtually clear streets except for wind buffets and rain.
We are having rain and wind pour down because of a typhoon swirling around to the south of us. The question was, "Are the field missionaries going to show up for their appointments?" The Stewart were here when I got here an hour early. Shortly after our arrival the power went out and the generators kicked in. The problem is only the lights came on and all the equipment did not.

The second the first missionary touched our front door the power kicked on and we were able to take an x-ray, use the drill and bits, computers, autoclave and ultrasonic. Their shoes were soaked and they'd taken a taxi instead of trying to get on a bus or jeepney.  It was especially sweet that they arrived close together as we were able to finish up quickly and go back home to wait out the storm.

What a whirlwind of a day. Elders and Sister scheduled to come were in an immigration meeting so didn't show up. The missionaries from the field came early and took their places. Some other missionaries were late because of a district meeting or came early. I finally just put all the charts on the desk and decided to take whomever came through the door because I realised the Lord was sending the missionaries when they needed to come. The last appointment of the day didn't arrive. The autoclave acted up the whole day and needed to be babysat and yet all the instruments were sterile and the missionaries came in an orderly process. I can feel the hand of the Lord - some would chalk up to coincidence - not me, I know.

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