Thursday, December 29, 2016


When we first found out we were planning to go to the Philippines, I was surprised at how many connections and circles we have with different people.
My sister-in-law Janice knew a man named Jimmy when they were missionaries together. We met him when he helped us find an apartment. I've talked to him quite a few times now. Shawny Ernst's brother was a companion to Elder Haynie who is in the Area presidency. Jeffrey has gone on a few long car rides with him. The Bowman's son is my sister's husband - we're connected in quite a few ways. We are friends.  In our office Jonah Magno became friends with me on FaceBook and immediately noticed Matthew Hopkins whom she knew when he was a missionary serving in her hometown. I'm wondering if I'll run into any of Rebekah's companions while I'm here.
The world shrinks a little when you know someone who knows someone.

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