Friday, December 30, 2016

Upcoming Posts

Today I have been able to post a bunch of thoughts I've been meaning to jot down. My work at the Dental office is going to be basically the same for the rest of my mission. So I thought I'd interview other missionaries at their jobs and post something about what they have discovered and felt.  I'll be inviting some other authors to post too. I have already spoken to at least two other missionaries and one man has already sent his ideas. The problem is I can't access his pictures from here so I'll have to wait until I get back to the office. Ironic - as that is where I have the least amount of time to play.
Just watch for some interesting posts from other missionaries from this fascinating place.
Motorcycles - family transportation
Pet or work employee?
Selling turnips

You can buy just about everything
So far I've been a little intimidated to actually shop in the markets here. I end up paying much higher prices at Robinsons which is a lot like Albertsons or Safeway. If you pick up fruit or vegetables you need to have the grocer at the same location weigh and tag it with a price as they do not do that at the register. Otherwise it is a lot like home - except I have no idea what all the greens and fruit are.

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