Thursday, December 29, 2016

Time to write and explain

I have had an unexpected two or three days that are not filled with commitments so I have tried to post some of the things I've been thinking about. (okay, okay I can hear the blonde jokes - but really I'm turning grey.)
When the missionaries arrive on intake day (it always a Friday) the dentist screens them in a rating from 1 to 4. 4 is nothing needed but a cleaning every 6 months. 1 is an extraction, deep cavities, possible root canal and 2 and 3 range from lots of little cavities to just a few. Dr. Stewart tries very hard to get to all of the number 1's in the 13 days he has available (not counting Sundays or days the MTC doesn't let missionaries come.)  In the first week after intake we see many sorry teeth. I have no idea what the reasons are for such horrible teeth in young adults so young.
Elder Stewart works as steadily and long as the energizer bunny
He has a habit of almost singing to the missionaries in a calm quiet voice

Dr. Stewart will numb one side of the mouth and do as many cavities as he can. Four to twelve is an average. If there is an extraction or root canal, he will take care of the cavities around it and then do the complicated work. Sometimes there is only time to do the root canal. I'll never forget the Sister who had a root canal on a front tooth which was very complicated because her roots were twisted together and it took much longer for a favorable result. He then has the missionary come in for another visit to numb the other side of the mouth. A few missionaries need four or five visits to finish all of their work.
Dr. Stewart starts at 6 am and the last appointment is usually around 4 ending around 5 or 5:30. Since he gets here at 5 am that is a 12 hour routine day. He works Monday through Saturday coming home a little earlier on Friday and Saturday. This happens the first two weeks after a Friday intake.
The third week the MTC doesn't let us have any missionaries on Monday and we always invite the field missionaries to come in that day. I call it Manila Monday because it usually is full of missionaries from Manila with a few from Quezon City and Quezon City North missions. We are able to see a few missionaries on Tuesday and then on Wednesday they all fly, drive, or bus to their missions all over the world and the Philippines. So on that 3rd week we have Wednesday off and the Saturday after intake off to go explore this beautiful island. Today after intake we had a few appointments so I'm sitting here writing on my blog knowing the next two weeks are going to be crazy busy again. Hopefully I will tell you about New Year's as I've been told it is absolutely crazy.
Merry Christmas

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