Friday, December 30, 2016

Country side Beauty

We took another trip out into the country side going up towards Olongapo. This really has a paradise feel to it. I noted that the homes and cities in this region seem to have more wealth. Yes there was poverty there also but not in the extremes you can see in the Manila area. The whole day was really beautiful.
We left at 4:30 in the morning to escape traffic nightmares
What a beautiful start to our day
I loved the idyllic country setting
Nice farms and nice homes

Or Else what?
Note that these building have windows with glass though it may be shutters instead of window panes
How much can you carry on your van?
The beach at Pundaquit was so gorgeous
The sand was almost small pebbles
Lots of people lined up for the boat rides

This boat did not have passengers though we watched quite a few boats carry passengers around the side of the cliff and come back empty and pick up more passengers. I assume they all come home later

This neighbourhood seem to spring up out of nowhere
I don't believe it was built by the Filipino people
Maybe some company from another land built it for their workers
Sure enough on the edge of town we see the more traditional homes we recognise
Coming back I also noted that the 'plow' they use in these fields were not being drawn by cattle or men
It was like a cross between a lawn mower and a ATV, with the square rack being drug behind
All good adventures come to an end and then we are back to the city.

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