Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Light the World"

Light the World with acts of Service - Become like the Savior
Acts of Service, awareness of virtues, helping out neighbours and strangers
Becoming more like our Savior

Here at the Dental Clinic we don't get out a lot and when we do we finish the basics of living and go to sleep. We were a little concerned about how we were going to celebrate Christmas and join in the "Light the World" activities. Presto! We have all these missionaries who sit and wait - sometimes for an hour or more. Leading up to December 1 we had all the waiting missionaries cut out and decorate and get ready for our celebration.
Missionaries from Quezon City
As different sets came in we had them decorate trees and presents around them and also cut out ornaments to be put on the trees as other missionaries come in December.
Missionary from Quezon City North
Then after we put all our beautiful decorations on the wall - they all fell down. Putting on our thinking caps we realised we did have lots of floss and so Sister Stewart (the tall one) tacked up floss to the ceiling panel and we hung all the trees, presents and "Light the World" sign.
If you look closely the present has the floss dangling, we had to adjust the sign up and down before everyone was satisfied.
Now we are just waiting for the missionaries in their acts of service!

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Don Lore said...

What a lovely way to start the Christmas season! Thank you for posting all the pictures.