Friday, December 30, 2016

Faith That Things Will Work Out

Sometimes a perfect storm of bad luck starts the day.  The bite on the x-ray was missing and probably accidently thrown away the night before. We searched and even went through the garbage and the garbage bin at 5:30 in the morning. Fourteen people were scheduled to get a screening x-ray at 6 am to see if they had any abscesses or serious problems that couldn’t be ignored. The missionaries were organized and then one by one told how hold their mouth just right to get a good picture of their teeth. One patient was asked to bite on a piece of paper because his teeth overlapped so much. The patient in the chair with Elder Stewart came up with three root canals that needed at least 2 perio x-rays (little one tooth x-rays) for each tooth – that of course needed the only shield apron we had. The volunteers didn’t arrive so there only two assistances running around shepherding missionaries into x-ray, manning the phone, assisting Elder Stewart, opening the front door and cleaning up the instruments. Having the autoclave be temperamental on top of that was excessive. 

Love Hate relationship with this machine
Of course the Lord seems to take care of little things as we go along and we found solutions on hand while stumbling forward. Just having the faith that things will work out makes us innovative and I really believe angels are helping us out with thoughts, ideas, and sometimes-practical help. It’s hard to quantify because I can’t see them but looking back on the day or time frame I can feel it.
Sister Stewart started singing a song about a million miracles. I hadn’t heard it before or recognized it so later she had me listen to the youtube version and I had to agree it is our theme song.
Here are the chorus lyrics:
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day
And those who say
They don't agree
Are those
Who do not hear or see
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day

Nothing is just normal in a clinic that is built on donated items, non-profit funds, and only one professional in the office. All the assistants are learning what the instruments are for, what to clean, how to set up the dental trays, how to record the procedures, how to report to the missionary site, what information is needed for questions that are raised by official leaders, and how to assist and help Elder Stewart take care of the missionaries. We are being trained by each other (Sister Stewart has five months more experience) and Elder Stewart tells us quietly what is needed for the patients, then we figure out the answers. It’s fascinating, fun, and a little intimidating at times.
Every day works out with grace from God.

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