Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Real Apartment

A couple of weeks ago we moved to an apartment that we will stay in for the rest of our mission - knock on wood. Jeffrey went out on field trips with Jimmy from the area office to look at a series of possible places for us to stay. I went one day when they had narrowed down the choices. Jeffrey held out for a good apartment that fit our budget.
Long dinning room and living room - the view looks out over the mall - birds eye view of fireworks

I have found perspective and our viewpoint is all a matter of relativity to something else. The apartment we have now has some great views, is bigger than the other one, has no big bugs, and came pre-decorated. I love it.
The china cabinet has such pretty things I've decide not to ever touch them

I don't mind the tiny fridge and stove. I do appreciate that the stove is electric and doesn't have a gas canister under the sink that I fear I will blow up. It has a washer that washes the clothes all by itself. There is a dryer but the exhaust vents into the clothes room so I haven't tried that at all. I am getting quite handy using my dry rack.
The master bedroom has a golf theme

The fridge is up on a stand and everything is a hand span away

I really love the fact that the two weeks after missionary intake when we are striving to finish the most  necessary work for the missionaries, that Jeffrey brings in or makes supper when I just want to crash. It is great living in the middle of city life. The take out is interesting and delightful.

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