Friday, December 30, 2016

Who we serve

So much going on……the last patient of the day yesterday caught my heart. He has a spark around him. He gives light when he smiles. I could tell Elder Stewart was tired, I wanted to do something to keep his mind engaged. So I prayed for the angels to guide and help Elder Stewart and I prayed for the missionary that his mission would be a success. Elder Stewart was concentrating and didn’t speak much so I talked a little with the Elder and found he was the only member of his family. When I asked how he got to know the church I think he said his captain, though it could have been a classmate. He said he was invited to come when the missionaries were giving an open house about something. I didn’t have my hearing aides in and that can change a story radically. Anyway he has been a member for two years and now is going on a mission for two years. That’s when I prayed that these procedures would benefit and bless his life. 
The rest of the day was chaos with miracles happening everywhere. 
Elders helping out in our "Light the World" December campaign

The MTC sends over so many great missionaries whom we serve. I asked one Elder if he had siblings. He told me yes he did. He was the first to join the church and then was able to baptize all his siblings before he came on his mission. I asked him how he found out about the church and he replied through a classmate.
One Sister missionary is over 30 years old and I was curious why she would go on a mission with so many younger sister missionaries. As we walked back up to the MTC I asked her what made her decide to serve a mission. The Mission President in her area asked her to come serve with him.
As I filed the procedures we did on the medical report, I noticed that the Elder had delayed going on his mission so he could get better from giving his mother his kidney.
One Sister named Liahona told me that her grandparents had joined the church about 26 years ago. Their children joined the church also, so this Sister’s parents were members of the church. Her brother Nephi went on a mission last month, she is leaving this month, and her brother Jonah is getting ready to leave next year and she has a little sister they call Era as her name is New Era. Liahona was actually raised by her grandparents.
Another Sister is a little older - about 27 and said she is the only member of her family and live alone now. I can only imagine the sacrifice it took to come on this mission.
I get to love one set of missionaries and then three weeks later I watch them all leave and a new batch of apprehensive Elders and Sisters are waiting at the front walk with their relatives as they wait to check in. The sacrifice, dedication and love that makes them serve is very humbling to me.

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