Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Halo - Halo

There is a dessert here that is famous in the Philippines and a great favorite. Jonah on our day out introduced me to this dessert and I was surprised that it was so good. It sounds.....odd, different, interesting when you describe it... but it tastes great. Halo - Halo means "mix, mix" in the Filipino language.
The bottom layer has crushed ice with sweet milk poured over and then lots of different ingredients are piled on top. There are red and green balls that have the texture of firm gelatin, popped rice, white beans and red beans (I am pretty sure they are sweetened too), mango chunks, and little banana slices,  a little slice of flan, and purple ice-cream. There were flakes of something - not nuts, not granola.....something sweet.  Jonah mentioned that some people put ice-cream in and a scoop of some kind of purple yam.  I'm not sure why my ice-cream was purple but it was sweet and not yam tasting.

Halo - Halo
There is something else that is green but I can't remember what it is.

The trick is to mix it and eat it. Keep mixing while you eat it before the ice all melts!

Starting the mixing process

It was delicious! All kinds of textures and little things for your mouth to enjoy.

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