Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's Great To Be Eight

Birthday Banner
One of the boys in my class had a birthday and was baptized last week. He family had a great celebration that we were invited to.
The Bishop and his son
I love being his teacher though I'm not really sure what the children really learn from me, I enjoy being around them.
His family sure knows how to throw a party
His mom and dad invited the whole ward (I think) to the baptism and celebration afterwards. It was an awesome party!
Yes, they do serve lumpia at parties!
I don't know how many people were there, but everyone was very polite, gracious and welcoming. I loved watching everyone interact.
The boy in  red is in Jeffrey's primary class
The little girl on the right comes up every week to welcome us to Sacrament Meeting - she is one of those children with no fear.
Last year I had the same age group and was able to make quilts for all of them. I feel stymied because I don't have the resources I am use to this time around. When I teach the children seem to understand my English and yet they ask the most off the wall questions so it leaves me wondering whether understanding is happening. They are very adorable and lovable. Hopefully I will get better and better at being a good teacher here and friend.
The creativity here is awesome - don't you think this could come right out of pinterest? They had cupcakes on top of cups half full of m&ms, lots of cookies, and jars of candy - awesome wonderland for the children

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