Thursday, March 16, 2017

Subtle Aid

It was just Dr. and Sister Burtenshaw working for the day. Dr. and Sister Stewart were off taking a class and test for two days. At six in the morning one patient was in the chair and everything was quiet and orderly.
Craig Burtenshaw, Sister missionary, and Karma Burtenshaw
(picture taken with permission)
Shortly after seven a.m. two field missionaries came in about an hour and a half early and Elder Eckert the infirmary nurse at the MTC had two emergencies. Elder Burtenshaw worked in one emergency Elder after his regular MTC missionary and the two early missionaries went out for breakfast. He was able to start on the field missionary, work in the second emergency, then hustled on to the next regular MTC patient. He didn't get a break as one of the Emergency missionaries had to have a root canal which takes longer.
Sisters and a member who brought them - not necessarily the missionaries in this story
The day continued smoothly although there were some anxious moments. Dr. B got a break for a few minutes and looked up and smiled. It is hard to quantify when the hand of the Lord is orchestrating events, it is just felt in looking back on the events of the day.
After lunch Elder Eckert came in with four more anxious missionaries, two of which Dr. Burtenshaw saw between other missionary appointments and two were scheduled for the next day. The field missionaries coming in early made it possible to see others later in their time slot.
Field Elders - though different from those mentioned here
On an interesting note another day, an Elder who was getting a wisdom tooth extracted was pale and shaky. His blood pressure was checked and after talking with him, they found out he had left home without breakfast - so he got Sister B's apple and a cookie that she'd inadvertently left the previous day. She felt that the Lord knew that Elder would need some food and made it feasible the day before.
When good coincidences pile up, it is evidence of grace from God.

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