Friday, March 3, 2017


On the Wednesday before Intake day I knew I'd have a day off. I asked Jonah Magno if she could be a  guide into "real" Filipino life. I want to see and experience (with a native who can get me home in one piece again) some of the real aspects of life here as my dental clinic job is with Americans in a very bubble-like existence because we work at the MTC.
Jonah Magno across from the bus station

I bent over double to climb into a Jeepney and rode it downtown with Jonah. No matter where you get on or off in the route it is 10 pesos. Jonah took me many places but I'm going to tell you just about one right now - the market.
First there is the wet market. Wet? Yup people wear boots because the floor is wet.

There were tables and tables of chicken, pork, and meat of every kind.  Especially fish and seafood.

                                                                                       Everyone was very friendly and wanted me to buy from their stall

This man showed me the fresh fish that had the bones removed and the rest was intact (including eyes on the head). Jonah told me I could take some spices, breading and fry this up easily...... I said - maybe another time.

Rows and rows and tables and tables of seafood and fresh fish of every kind

Many were still flipping, gasping and obviously just caught. There were white fish, blue fish, yellow fish, red fish and fish I'd never seen before in my life. It was truly fascinating.

These crabs were snapping and trying to crawl away.

Octopus, squid, it was all here.

                                                                                   I love prawns, shrimp and shellfish of all kinds and if I were a true chef I'd be in my element.

Jonah even told me how they make seaweed salad. Lots of different kinds of plants from the sea are used in many different dishes.

Did you know salmon heads are sold separately? I'm not sure I want to know how they are used.

About the time I was getting a little over-whelmed by meat and choices, we went up the stairs to the Vegetable market

Row after row, table after table of vegetables, all fresh nothing behind glass or plastic, many vegetables I have never seen or know the name of or even how to cook or use.

I do know potatoes but have never seen so many different colors and shapes before. They have different textures and are used in many different ways. White, pink, blue, and yellow potatoes. Some were like marbles and some looked like yams but weren't hard like yams.

And of course we walked into the fruit market just around the corner, rows and rows, table after table of fruits of every kind and description and of course many I have never seen before.
Mangos should only be bought from Manila they are so wonderful and yummy and not at all like the ones I get in California.
All fresh and vibrant fruits about in a huge block.

Around the corner going back down the stairs to the wet market were some stalls that had stacks of containers and lids and things to hold stuff in. I thought how convenient it would be for Laura to do her fresh wedding/graduation/party shopping and then be able to pick up any containers needed at the same time.

Across the street from this market was - The flower market!
I knew if Laura, Rosanne and Norma were with me we would have been there for another hour or more. A whole block of just flowers and tree and shrubs and cut flowers and potted flowers.
This was only the start of my day. I'll have to post again about another part.

Sister Stewart asked me on Thursday if I was going to go Jonah-ing again. After laughing I thought that was an apt description.  I'll post part 2 of my day when I have more time.

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