Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taxi ride

Sometimes the blessings received are not noticed until much later.
When Jeffrey and I first arrived there were many issues that needed to be resolved and one of them was finding an apartment. Twice we had appointments we had to be to at a certain time.
On Wednesdays we cannot drive our car from 7 am to 8 pm because it is our code day. All the license plates have a number at the end. Whatever your last number is will correspond to a day that you are not allowed to drive that car. So we get a taxi.
Flags flying at he MTC

We were told you cannot get a taxi in the afternoon at the Area Offices and Temple. But being new to the city we didn't know exactly what people were talking about as you can see taxis running up and down the road all day long. Back in December when we had an appointment  to meet someone - usually given a couple of hours before - we would be just fine except on Wednesday.  Twice we had to meet someone on a Wednesday so we ran down to the road and flagged down a taxi. I of course prayed very hard that we could get a taxi and get to our appointment on time. We did and I didn't think anything more about it after a quick prayer of thanks.
Finding someone to ride with on Wednesdays
Yesterday was Wednesday and Jeffrey and I tried to flag down a taxi for about half an hour. I had an umbrella and still melted in the heat. Jeffrey told me he had tried a different Wednesday and he didn't have luck either and had just gone back to his office and waited until 8 pm.
I can't really pray about something without a need so I hadn't prayed that we could get a taxi - we were just going home for the day. Evidently you cannot get a taxi here without prayer. The taxis are heading into downtown Manila and do not want to stop for someone going the other way. If they are going the right way they already have passengers.
It is good to reflect on the miracles that have happened that we weren't aware of at the time.

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