Saturday, March 4, 2017

That Green Fast Growing Plant in the River - Kangkong

My curiosity about this plant that grows so quickly on top of the water comes from watching a farmer out of my window.

I could see him harvesting from his boat, and then he pulled the lines further apart and planted more

On our field trip, Jonah showed me this plant at the vegetable market.
She said that people only eat it cooked - good thing in my opinion - because of the color of the water it grows in
Jonah ordered some at lunchtime so I could try it. It came with a shrimp parte sauce that tasted just fine but I didn't like the smell. She made another sauce out of a tiny lemon and some soy sauce that was delicious.
This most be popular because it was basically the only green on the menu at this shop. It looks like spinach but the taste is very mild, the sauces spice it up.
                Jonah made up the sauce right at our table from ingredients she asked for at the counter - I guess people do this all the time.   And yes that is lumpia - so delicious for lunch!
I took a picture at ShopWise a major grocery store here, I found the grocer does not want people taking pictures in his store.
So the name of this plant is Kangkong - I'm still not sure I can say it right. It tastes just fine, maybe bland until you drag it through a nice sauce.

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