Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The downs and Ups

I helped out a few missionaries in the x ray room. One elder pulled out his retainer – he had 4 missing front teeth and a few missing on the side. I was glad he was coming in to make sure the others stayed healthy. Another young man ready to have an x ray and didn’t want to smile because of his front teeth. Another dentist had wielded the two front ones together and you could see the blue filling glued around them – odd looking result. When the next smiling young man had his x ray taken, I transferred the image from one computer to his patient chart, I could tell (even though I can’t “read” x rays) that he didn’t have any bottom teeth on both sides at the back. I got an empty hollow feeling realizing this boy would not be eating steak or anything that needed serious chewing. Sometimes a realization strikes me hard.
Tropical wind and rain on the Pacific 

Another young Elder was waiting for a while to see the dentist. He told Sister Hoem and I his story. When he was a child he asked his father to take him to church and his father said no. He went in his room and cried with disappointment. The next day his dad was washing up and told his son to get ready because they were going to church. His mother and two younger sisters all started coming too. Years later the branch president called him to be the young men’s president to activate other youth.

He also told us about the feelings he had when he was young and went to other churches with his classmates. He felt they were cold with statues. He asked God where he could go and got the feeling he should go to his old church. His LDS classmates welcomed him with open arms and hugs and he wanted to be with them. I’m realizing that ‘classmates’ or friends are hugely important to conversion and invitation stories. He is one of those lights that the Lord sends to bring people unto Him. His family was activated and lots of his friends started coming to church. 
I needed the light he brought in today too.
View of the Temple from the MTC

It was later in the day when I had a break and opened up FaceBook that I felt real gratitude. Rachel posted a request for a ride to Idaho and Teemaree immediately told her about a ride that might work out. Whether it does or not my heart was filled and overflowed for the friends that  look out for my children.
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