Friday, March 31, 2017

Lesson my mother unknowingly taught

When I was a young girl my mother was given a bath set with a very pretty shelf to hold all the containers. I admired it and wanted to try it out. Mom let us know it was strictly hers and was for special occasions. I would notice it occasionally through the months - or maybe years. The contents all became separated and unusable. Why didn't she ever use it?
When I was married with children, I helped her move and came across some embroidered dish towels. When I asked when she had gotten them, she replied, "When I got married."  I had never seen them growing up and now they had little holes from moths. I don't know if she ever used them.
Use it up, wear it out, enjoy all the things that will be gone anyway while they are nice. I can't think of anything I got for my wedding that is still in any pristine state - they are pretty much all gone. Maybe I went too far and should have kept something for special occasions - but that is a lesson my children will take with them.

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