Thursday, August 24, 2017

Allergy Attack

An Elder and his companion came in through the door it was evident that he had an allergy problem as his face, especially his eyes were swollen. The dentist came out and looked at him and prescribed some benadryl but we didn't have any on hand. I called the MTC nurse - they were gone to the temple with other missionaries, I called the MRC but no one picked up the phone. The doctor gave me a sticky note with dosage and I walked the Elders back to main lobby in the MTC to find the MTC president's wife Sister Carlos to see if she could give him one dose until we could get Elder or Sister Eckert (MTC nurses) when they got back.  Sister Carlos was not in her office. I usually find her all over the campus walking with and taking care of missionaries. I parked the Elders on the couch and told them to snag Sister Carlos if they saw her walk in.
Meanwhile, I went over to the MRC to see if I could find anyone there that could give this Elder some relief.  When I walked into the MRC I could see that they were having lunch. I talked with Elder Peel about the situation and Sister Peel opened her office door and immediately came over to help. She had been on a call about another missionary and heard us in the room and jumped up to take care of this missionary. Sister Peel had a brisk walk and fired questions about the Elder as we walked back to the MTC main building. I could tell there would be no lunch for her until all her ducks were taken care of. She spoke gently with care in her voice and had answers to her questions about timing of symptoms, what he had been doing, eating, and what medications were given when. He said he had never taken medicine in his life. My mind went back to all the discoveries I made about my children when they were babies, this Elder would find many things about himself for the first time on his mission. Sister Peel gathered up the Elders explaining about allergies to them as she took them to back to the MRC to see a doctor. I don't think she noticed anyone else around her. I am in awe of her dedication to her missionaries.

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