Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Getting to know family

On August 18th our family traveled down in several different cars from Concord to Fresno, then after dropping our suitcases at the hotel we went on to Auberry to meet the Little family. They do not live in Aubrery anymore so were staying at a friends home. When the door opened a very tall smiling  woman answered the door. In my mind she was a daughter of the people who lived there, so when she said, "Hi, I am Trina," my mind stalled out for a few seconds before it would accept the fact that this was Michael's soon to be mother-in-law. Trina is a little over six feet tall, has the most welcoming smile and warm personality and looks like Julia's big sister not mother. Julia's brothers came around the corner and we shook hands. Simon is the oldest brother, the next brother Benjamin is serving a mission -  I'm pretty sure in Colorado - then there is Joshua and Levi is the youngest. I don't believe you could get more distinct boys in one family if you tried. They are all very lovable with a fierce moral agency code in common, but their likes, personalities, and attitudes are uniquely their own. Michael is going to love being an older brother!
Michael introduced us to Julia with pride and happiness. Julia is a beautiful girl with kindness and graciousness to everyone. Watching Michael with Julia is like seeing a whole new man. He does things he has never done before - like opening car doors - and I like the man he is becoming. There is something about Julia that brings out the good in Michael.
Julia's dad is a very talented man. He built the house they lived in in Auberry, though now they live in Monterey where allergies won't affect Levi so much. Jeffrey and David hit it off and talked a lot that night. The Littles made us a scrumptious dinner with tons of vegetables and we talked and got to know different members of the family.
Matthew took a nine hour exam, wrote a paper, took his wife out on a date, then flew to Fresno to be with Michael on his important day. Matthew looked tired though he had a great smile for everyone. He planned on being there for Michael's wedding and then taking off right after the ceremony, writing another paper on the plane ride home and starting a new job on Monday morning. Whew! I'm so very thankful he made the effort to come.
Oops did I forget to say Susie was with us the entire time? She has always been a member of our family and hasn't missed a wedding. We were so lucky that she put us all up in hotel rooms and took care of the small details she knows from experience will happen.
It was so lovely getting to know the Little's and connecting with family again, a great evening. The next day we got up and met at the Cheesecake Factory for a wedding breakfast with the same group again - fun!  I loved watching Nate interact with his son. Something expands in my heart when I watch my children tend their children.
Levi on the left, Joshua, Julia, Michael, Simon, Matthew, Rebekah is hidden by her Mike, Nate, Susie
Rachel and Andrew were at the counter with Trina, David, Jeffrey, and a friend.

Susie took a picture and I took a picture. Good times with the Adams and Littles

Rachel was cracking me up and I chose pictures of her with actions.
Standing: Jeffrey, Andrew, Simon, Trina, Joshua, David, Mike & Rebekah, Susie
Seated: Nate, Michael and Julia, Levi, Rachel and Matthew
Not shown: Kelsi, Jayson and Caleb who had to go to sleep early.
Meeting up at the Cheesecake Factory

Andrew is manning the camera-
Left side: Julia, Michael Jeffrey, David, Mike and Rebekah, Kelsi/Caleb, Nate
Coming back up on the right: Matthew, LA, Rachel, Susie, Trina, Levi, Joshua and Simon
After the breakfast we all went back and got ready for the wedding!
The guys except Nate who was helping his own guys get ready.
Though the day was very hot - almost a hundred, there was a lot of joy flowing around!

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