Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And they Two shall be One

-Snippets from a day filled with Joy-
August 19, 2017
Life is Good!

Married for time and all eternity in the LDS Fresno Temple

The wedding party - Teemaree was there but taking the picture
The surprise was walking into the temple and turning around to see my mother-in-law!
I got a picture of Matthew and Andrew with Michael before the wedding, as I knew they wouldn't be there for the pictures after the ceremony as Andrew drove Matthew to the airport as soon as he could.
Looking good
The day was hot and getting pictures was only good while you were the ones not waiting
Line Up

Bride's maid's duties

Susie helped entertain the troops
Jeffrey and I wanted to honor our friends from this ward, so we wore formal Philippine dress

For the reception, we went back out to the Little's friend's home in Aubrey. Jayson found a friend and a cat

Julia had very beautiful fresh flowers, candles, and decorations in a low-key way that was delicious

Michael is going to have a ball with his new family!

The yard was pretty when it was light and magical in the dark with thousands of tiny lights

It's all about family

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Ludlows said...

So beautiful, the people, the temple, the event, everything!