Monday, August 28, 2017


Jefffrey and I left Manila on Wednesday and got back to California on Wednesday. It is interesting being in the same time twice.
Arriving back at the house in Concord was awesome!! Kelsi, Nate, and I found out - her dad had all work to create a kitchen and dining room that looks awesome. I now know what it feels like to be on one of those shows where the designers come in and update your house while you are gone. It is great!!
Reconnecting with family and friends was the highlight of Thursday. I woke up very early, Jeffrey woke up late. Jet lag affects people differently. I saw some boxes that had my name on them and thought how great my friends in Clayton Valley 1st ward are. Little did I know there was another stack I hadn't even seen!
Laura and I set out to do some shopping and talking we visited about six stores on different errands before getting back to Laura's house to finish up some sewing. I wanted to make sure Jeffrey's barong fit him correctly. I met up with Pam Hosking, Bonnie Carter, Grandma and Vickie Nausin and Laura's mom. It was nice to chat and work with friends.
That evening Jeffrey and I met up with all our children except Matthew, Debbie and family. Life is so good! The friendship, camaraderie, insights, and happiness I feel with my family is where goodness is manifest and joy grows.

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