Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Home safely

It is alarming to hear the reports out of Texas and the hurricane that is on a rampage. Typhoon storms are sweeping across this portion of the world too. They actually have a few months that is expected to have typhoons. Everyone just hopes it isn't bad in their area.
 On our way back from the States last week the plane struggled against headwinds and we were late getting into Hong Kong. Jeffrey and I were afraid we'd miss the next flight. At the airport we found our plane had been cancelled and we were soon booked on the last flight out for the night to Manila. It was only as we were disembarking when we realized how fortunate we had been. All flights for the next day had been cancelled going to and from Hong Kong because of the storms sweeping through. I was so happy not to conclude a sixteen hour flight across the Pacific ocean with a long stay in the airport.

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