Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Big and Little

Today is the day that Jeffrey has worked and prayed for about 10 months.
Religious Freedom seminar put on by the University of the Philippines and the J Rueben  Clark Society
He was not the one in charge, just one of the many people who pushed through to have this seminar. There are many different religions represented and quite a few dignitaries, ambassadors, senators, judges and people from different countries.

When I jumped into the car this morning leaving Jeffrey to get a taxi to another location, it was raining very heavily. Traveling through the dark and heavy downpour, I watched a man on a motorcycle get a wave of water thrown up from a car that almost knocked him over. Any low laying places had pools of water. My heart clenched because Jeffrey was told that if it rained too heavily people wouldn't be able to show up for the seminar because Manila is so prone to flooding. I started praying for the heavens to part and allow this conference to go on and that those who could change policies for good would be able to attend.

At the dental clinic, Anton asked if we had water pressure. He suspected a leak and he was correct. No water to run the compressors and vacuum. With 15 minutes till the first missionary was to arrive  anxiety started to rise. But like all the miracles that happen around the missionaries, everything was in working order when they walked in.
Around 9 am when I walked outside, I could see sunshine. Yes, God is answering big prayers and little prayers today.

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Ludlows said...

Wonderful experiences, and such true words.