Sunday, August 6, 2017


Sometimes I write little notes about ideas I have for a certain blog or another. Today I emptied out my backpack and found some of the different notes laying about. I got to thinking about the highs and lows, frustrations and euphoria that are all mixed up with my missionary service.

I input data on computers everyday to spit out schedules, detail procedures done on each patient, and tally up numbers for all kinds of reports. Whenever a question is asked, I'm the bean counter who goes looking for all the data. It's a good thing I enjoy jig-saw puzzles as I have to get into repetitious numbers and patterns, finding little clues and nuances for those answers. Another reason I am perfect for this job.

"Putting numbers in the computer is an easy thing, so I was perplexed why no patients showed up for the afternoon appointments on Thursday. The computer program kept showing no missionaries for the afternoon and looking further I concluded that most were going to the temple sessions. I left it alone and decided something would come. As usual the timing was right. The software program Dentrix had a serious issue on all of the computers not showing the procedures as completed. It was very fortuitous that the dentists had time to look into what the problem was. But they didn't really have the time because two emergencies came in from the MTC and a field missionary showed up hoping for an appointment. Sometimes I wish the angels would just come down and write out the schedule instead of me agonizing over all the details. I call it tracting - dedicated work with lots of details, little reward seen, but consecrated time to the Lord."

My heart is so heavy this morning. One sister had six teeth, some just decayed stumps extracted from her mouth today. Another sister had three teeth extracted and is going to come back another day for 21 more fillings. Most teeth have 3 or more cavities. I had to turn the x ray pictures into icon size instead of the full screen as my emotions started getting a little hard to handle. It's not good to be crying at the front desk. It could create a bad impression on incoming missionaries.

Primary class was a success today! We didn't get stuck on how many years ago Jesus Christ touched each of the children and blessed them. I had the children drawing on paper doll chains (boy dolls and girl dolls) while I showed videos of children from all different parts of the world giving their testimonies about various parts of the gospel. The came from the Children's Friend "One in a Million". Using a creative outlet in every lesson I found is essential. I claim a success though the last seven minutes was the usual chaos of talking and running up and down chairs. Still the first 43 minutes were peaceful. It's all how you perceive things.

Jeffrey is out tonight going visiting with the counselor in the bishopric. I wonder what insights and joy he will come back and tell me about. Visiting members in their homes is magic!

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Ludlows said...

I'm so grateful that you share parts of your life with us. I love the line, "visiting members in their homes is magic." This gives me a new insight and desire to be a better visiting teacher. Love you.